Have you ever experienced this in business or in life…
You work on a project, maybe a moderate to large size project. And for some reason due to time, energy or finances you cut a corner and even though it took less time and saved you some effort or cash, immediately after you had remorse. You may have quickly realized that the one time you did this, the effect was not limited to just that one thing. It effected everything in some form or another to a varying degree.

I’m speaking to you from my experiences consulting people on branding and the graphics that follow.

When you cut a corner in the way you present your work or product it has an immediate impact on how your product is viewed. The first impression you make can either have a good effect or even enticing, if it’s a bad one; you are now working from a deficit hoping the quality of your product will overcome the initial impression.

Why do this? You spend thousands on a project and try to save a few dollars on packaging??? really? Every time you cut a corner in the way your present things to your potential client or customer you moving away from a optimal result (START COUNTING BACKWARDS FROM 100%). Lower you quality by 20% and you are certainly losing 20% of your goals.

And this doesn’t just apply to graphics. It’s on everything.
* Content
* Videos
* Blogs
* Website
* Funnels
* Knowledge Base
* Personal Image

If you want to avoid this, OPTIMIZE every aspect of what you doing for an OPTIMAL result.Be CONSISTENT with your quality (hopefully high quality). BUDGET & PLAN for what you need in order to present YOUR IMAGE in the best possible way.

Happy Victoria Day
Have a Great One!

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