Why not having an email list is killing your business growth

I’m going to ask you a personal question, one that you might find embarrassing, but it has to be done!

How big is your email marketing list? 

Did you cringe? Did you look up and wonder… shit, I don’t even know how big it is… If you did, then what I say next will probably make you even more uncomfortable.

If your email list is small,  or you have no idea of its size (probably because you’re not nurturing your list) then you’re pretty much killing your ability to scale your business in any big way.

Gathering email addresses from your potential clients or your ideal audience and then sending them your exceptional offers is still the gateway to getting your content in front of potential buyers, no matter how a certain social media actually gets.

We all know Facebook is the “IT zone” right now for internet marketers, but if you aren’t a FB ad guru (and come on, the rules with what Facebook will accept as an ad is a constant moving target) having that email address is still your golden ticket to creating a surge in your sales/ biz growth.

When you have a list, you have a constant flow of potential clients and customers; it’s like walking into a room of 1400 or more people, and you have all their attention. They WANT to hear what you are going to say next, offer next, do next!

Don’t feel bad that your list is small or non existent, we all start SOMEWHERE! Focus instead on how you are going to grow your list organically.

The main thing is you START growing your list, you make a conscious decision to grow it, and stop making excuses about why you can’t just now.

Funny thing about life, when you commit do actually doing something, the universe starts opening the doors to making happen for you.

So find your starting point! 

Are you diving into a summit style list build? You will get your largest list build for the time you put into it from a summit. Count on getting about 20 experts to help you create the summit and an average list build of anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 on your list build! Pretty amazing ROI for your efforts. Plus if you are unsure of what your niche should be, a summit is a great tool to figure this out!

You could focus on doing webinars to build your list but that is a much slower grind in terms of growth for your list. They are however, a lot of fun to do if you like sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Lead magnets/Fb challenges and other small list building techniques are awesome too, but I feel they are not the only thing you should be doing to grow that insanely important list.

What does it take to start building? Someone who knows how to get you from knowing you need to list build to actually getting you there!

I’ve mentored over 160 women through list building. I’ve had clients achieve list builds that exceed three thousand! Then they move right into selling their greatness and making money!

I guide you through every step of the list building process, so that you feel supported, you get all the angles, you don’t get into huge overwhelm.

I give you the step by step, the checklists, the swipe content and… even access to almost 1,000 expert speakers for you to get in touch with to fill your list build with the speakers who are the right fit!

Authentic list building is my passion, and with over 160 individual list builds from summits to webinars to (and not even including the squeeze pages and FB challenges) I know that I can get almost anyone from little to no list, to an engaged and growing list!

I know that it takes having a mentor to make the difference between thinking about list building longingly or actually doing it!

You’re ready – time for action! 

If you’re ready to talk list building – you can book a 30 minute “Ask me Anything” list building call here

And make sure you’re part of our growing group of authentic marketers in M Comm – our private Facebook group

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