What makes a summit “suck”?

[LONG POST,.. but worth it!]

What makes a summit “suck”?

What makes a summit go the wrong way? You might not like me for saying this, I might ruffle some feathers but I speak from so much experience.

1. Niche: 🎯 If you don’t niche right in, hone in on just 4-5 topics in the summit. If you go wide on your topics you are attracting too varied an audience to your opt in page and your opt in rate will be low. Period. end of story (sorry but it’s true). Go against your instincts here and niche right in, sooooo tight there is no air gap. This works!!!!

2. Experts: 🙆- The wrong experts will do nothing for you. Experts who have a moderate sized list, and an engaged list (their list opens their emails) will benefit you greatly. Big experts with huge lists, sometimes feel they are superior in some way and they don’t promote for you. (not all, trust me, this is just some). You have to be really selective with who you bring on which is daunting when you are just starting out. Say no more than you say yes. And be ready to boot an expert off if they don’t hold up to their end of the bargin. Period. End of story.

3. Your Copy: ✍️ Having less than stellar copy on your opt in page and that you give to your experts so they can promote your event is akin to buying a fancy car and putting in the cheap gas and the low end tires. Copy matters. Conversions matter. Your copy needs to be very robust, and if you’re a great writer, then do it yourself. If you are not a good copywriter, then please hire someone to help you with this. If it’s a money thing, consider a barter deal with a writer; in return for their help you will do X. Doesn’t always work out but worth a try if money is a factor. This is for your opt in page, your thank you page, your daily emails and your PROMO COPY most importantly.

4. The Visuals:  🎨 Ohhh I will offend some here but a crappy banner and a poorly executed opt in video will KILL your summit faster than anything. Do not use Fiverr for your banners, or settle for a bad looking banner. (I’m not attacking Fiverr, I started out on there myself BUT you get what you pay for, a 10$ banner will not have the time and effort put into it that a higher end banner will.) VISUALS MATTER. Your opt in video. If you don’t take the time to plan this out, and you WING IT, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Take the time to plan what to say, practice it a lot before you record it and also if you can’t master the art of video, you might be better off without a video on your opt in page.

5. Your Team: 👫🕺 This is also important but it’s a catch 22. I’ve worked with A LOT OF people for summits and when the numbers don’t line up for them, I am the first person that hears about it. It had to be my fault that things didn’t go well right? Not always no. First thing is to make sure you hire the right team right from the start. The right team makes all the difference for your success. You should be working with someone that supports and guides you. That has the knowledge, the knowhow and the CREATIVITY to suggest ways to improve the summit all around. If you don’t know how to do a summit and you work with someone who’s never done one…. it’s going to be a tough go for you. You will have to spend more time giving them direction than you are actually creating the event. When you work with an experienced person for an event like this – you get what you pay for.

6. Attitude: 💜 I’m going to say this with so much love. If you dread doing a summit, the summit will flop. If you don’t go into it with enthusiasm, positivity and an openesss to push your limits and learn something new, your summit will flop. If you act like this is the worst thing ever that’s happend to you, and you dread your summit every single day, your summit will flop. And if you don’t take the time and ask the questions to fully understand what a summit entails before you go and do one, your summit COULD flop.

Let me know if you found this helpful at all. I REALLY WANT YOUR SUMMITS TO BE SUCCESSFUL, Even if you’re not working with me (gasp!) If you want to talk summits, PLEASE contact me. I can give you some guidance on what will work for you, your niche and give you some pointers on how to make this style of list build work for you. I’ve opened up a few spots to talk by clicking here.


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