I’m glad this caught your attention. Because when this thought first came to me, I realized that this equation played over and over throughout my life and in the lives of people I know. I was at a conference and I heard a guest speaker talking about the impact of what you do and there was urgency about the limits of time. I got a little scared, I’m in my 40’s and I have half as many years to retirement then I use to.


There were so many moments in the conference of people who did things in their todays that multiplied in a positive way in their tomorrows. And it wasn’t like they did something huge every day. It was small, but all their todays added up to be something huge. And because they were all for the same cause it wasn’t simple addition. It was multiplication. It seemed like they got so much more from their efforts, multiple times over. Even when they took a break to enjoy the rewards, it was still paying off.

Now I’ve seen the good and bad side of this equation in my own life. I’m human; I’ve made mistakes… big ones. We all look back and think we could have saved more money when we were younger (but we were having too much fun, and we are going to live forever. Lol!). Maybe we didn’t nurture a friendship that we miss, or continued to learn or educate ourselves enough everyday. That one always bothers me.

But there are the times it played out in the positive. Like back when I was an athlete, and again when I had run my own sign business quite a few years back, and now I see it when I look at my daughters. I can see that in each one of those situations I was doing something in all my todays that multiplied into something great.

I’m sure if all of you took a look you can see it in your own lives.

Now, since this is a blog and my audience is mainly entrepreneurs and business folk, I’ll make it more relevant. A couple of days ago I wrote a nerdy blog about the linear social media marketing theory. The whole premise is you need to have more than just a little social media content out their so that you can improve the chances of people finding you. And just so you know I’m working on a video to demonstrate that theory. Yeah I’m not dropping it until you all get it.

What ever you do TODAY will impact tomorrow. If you’re creating and getting your message out there TODAY, tomorrow people will start to know who you are and what you have to offer. If you’re working on or launching a new product or program, the rewards will be realized tomorrow. And the more you do in your TODAYS, the more things will gravitate towards your efforts.

Commerce is made up of people, and like anything else, when people get the message (your message) they will tell others. That’s when the multiplication kicks in. When your message is CLEAR, VISABLE and CONSTANT it will naturally find its audience. You’ll become part of their conversations and you will stay relevant for as long as you use every TODAY so that TOMORROW can be some much bigger.

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