The Periscope Scoop Part 2

Yesterday I did my best to explain what Periscope is, and the potential for your own business and brand growth by in getting early while this new social media platform is in its infancy. Catch up on that blog here

As promised, today is all about getting you set up on Periscope, the right way!

Sometimes we’re so eager to try something new, we race through the set up just so we can jump in. Thank goodness we can change profile setting after that fact.

Just like with your Twitter account, your handle is exactly the same (e.g. @Managemeant); and you can edit or change your profile name to suit your needs.

Your description on Periscope should be focused on catching the attention of who you want as an audience and a little more. When people try to capture the attention of everyone by creating a profile that is misleading or not properly identifiable, they end up creating a needle in the haystack situation for themselves, creating more work in order to connect with followers that will become potential new business.

And one more thing, surprisingly not many people remember to put their website URL in their description. You’d think this would be top of mind, but astonishingly, its not. We even forgot when we set ours up, then quickly saw it was missing and made the fix.

Anything that you can do to drive people to your website is a good thing. Of course your picture is left to your own creative imagination.

Now that your identity has been set and profile completed, you should consider the following things before you broadcast:

  • Remember, you are using your mobile phone.
  • Make sure that if you are having the front facing camera on, that you are nicely framed; you need to hold the camera far enough away so you are in the shot but not so far away that you can’t read the questions or names of people who are joining in.
  • Make sure you have good lighting. The light should be coming from a source in front of you, not behind you. It’s not fun to watch an oddly shaped silhouette talking.
  • When you go to broadcast, you must enter a title, again be descriptive as to what you will be doing. If you’re doing a Q&A, state it. If you are making you favorite breakfast smoothie and talking about nutrition, make sure people know.
  • Also optimize the use of hash tags.

Just like emails and posts, there is a peak time for broadcasting on Periscope. After 4pm locally is good, but it picks up dramatically after 7pm, straight through to midnight. If you have built a large following or have made commitments to do videos broadcasts at set times, do them frequently and be on time. Periscope will hold your broadcast for replay view for 24hrs on your profile. You can change your settings on iOS to save your Periscopes to your camera roll if you choose.

If you can make sure there is always something of interest there when people go to your profile, the more likely you can retain them as a viewer.

You have to think of it as your own TV news station. If there is nothing good there for a while, they will change the channel.

When you broadcast, your followers will get messaged through the app that you are live, it’s a great feature because if it can get your audience to show up when ever you do, and they you can interact live with you on anything they might ask while you are doing your gig.

Get in the habit of greeting people as you see them joining in, and interact and answer as many relevant questions as possible. When you acknowledge peoples actions they will acknowledge yours.

It never hurts you tell people where else they can connect with you. Talk about your website, get them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube too. Tell them where they can get more information or how to contact you, send them to see your videos etc. If you can commit to it, tell them about a future broadcast and when it will be. If interested, they will follow you and wait for the app to alert them.

I hope you now have a better idea of the opportunity that exists with this new app. If you’ve ever felt like you can’t move the needle on your business growth and get a larger audience to your website. Try doing a Periscope broadcast, even for 5 minutes. You just might get a couple more peoples attention for that small investment in time. Its very gratifying and the best part, it cost nothing.

I will be doing a broadcast on Periscope this week to demonstrate some of the things I have talked about in this blog and to interact with you. If you want to get notified, please download the app and follow @Managemeant.

What do you think of Periscope? Are you a fan or think its another short-lived social media hack that will be forgotten? Say it how you see it in our Facebook group, the M Community!

Until then,
Be Authentic & Effective


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