The key to sales? Listen more, talk less

What if we told you the key to getting more sales in your business when you’re either face to face with a potential client or on a discovery/sales call was to talk way less, and listen a lot more, would you think that’s nuts?

Years ago when I started in sales, as soon as I perceived that there was an opportunity for a sale, I would just get diarrhea of the mouth I wouldn’t shut up for fear of hearing the dreaded NO from my potential customer/client. It was like when a shark goes in for the kill and their eyes sorta roll back in their heads and they just keep biting at their prey.

Graphic I know but it’s the truth. I was like that shark, and it was killing my ability to sell and market the product I was selling at the time.

I got extremely lucky that my mentor in sales and marketing sat me down and explained that the secret to sales, was to shut up and listen.

The Key To Sales...Listen more& Talk LessYou see, by talking less, he said, I was giving my potential customer the chance to tell me everything I would need to help close the sale. They would gladly tell me why they needed what I had to sell, and they also shared their objections about it.

Sometimes, just by listening more and talking a lot less, my customers were talking themselves into the sale on their own!

It felt counter-intuitive to me to shut up and listen more, so my mentor would listen in on my sales calls and even go to some of my in-person pitches to see how I did. I would literally put a post-it note next to my phone that said STFU and LISTEN to remind me of what I was trying to do.

When I listened more and said less, my closing rate on sales went through the roof. When I would really listen and even parrot back to my customers what they had said and shown I was really caring what they were dealing with, my sales numbers were astronomical.

My best line then, and my best line now (and I don’t mean line in a spammy way, it was just my go to when I wanted to show I was listening) with potential customers and clients is “Let me know if I have this right. I’m hearing you say that you are dealing with “problem X, and problem Y ” and if you could solve both of those, it would make a huge difference in your life/business/health/family, do I have that right?”

Showing that you care, that you heard their needs is paramount and it will have your potential customer saying yes, YES YOU DID HEAR ME!

The next step is simply sharing (without ego) that you believe that you have a solution to their problem and if they feel it’s a good fit, you’d like to share it with them.

It’s that easy. And it works.

So try listening more and talking less, and watch your sales closing rates skyrocket!

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