Summertime Momentum

Who’s struggling with staying IN your business with it being summertime?
Hard right? ☹️

Kids off school so schedules are pretty messed up, it’s nice out (and if you’re like us Canadians, you wanna take advantage of every bit of nice weather!) and you want some down time… Only natural right that you’re less into your work than you were just a few months ago.

Problem is, if you take your foot of the gas now, come fall, you’re going to find yourself behind the eightball in terms of getting stuff done. You won’t have that great awesome program in place to bring in the $$$$, You won’t be growing your list, your following, your great presence in the world.

What you need is a simple plan. Try a few of these ideas!

1. Automate everything you can, including blog posts, social media.. pretty much anything you can do ahead of time. Get this done at night or first thing in the morning so you don’t feel you’re missing out on the sunshine! I love to use Hootsuite to get a bunch of posts all lined up, then I don’t have to worry about them at all!

2. Be a Schedule Master! If you want to spend a day a week at the beach or enjoying the sunshine, plan your work around that efficiently so that your clients don’t feel like you ran off and they wonder what happened to you! Make sure you communicate with your clients as well! It only takes a few minutes and will save you a shit load of headaches later.

3. Plan ahead! You still need to earn money and grow your business, so get super methodical and plan what needs to get done. Maybe now is a great time to outsource a lot of the work so you aren’t stuck in the weeds doing it all. Try hiring a VA to help get things sorted. Most people don’t want to buy a new coaching program in the summer or commit to weekly calls with a coach because they want the summer freedom. But come fall, their attention will switch back and you need to be READY! Plan now for the fall, get your pieces of the puzzle in play so you can take advantage of the fall rush.

4. Rainy day work: Not every summer day is stunning, so plan to work your butt off on those days, set the plans in motion that will grow your business! Plan your fall list build, write blogs, get your website in order and refreshed with new content and images. Book a end of summer photo shoot to update your branding… You name it, rainy day (or ultra humid days) are days to get your shit done and make plans.

I love summer, and I always feel called to be outside as much as I can be, try a few of these tips to keep the momentum going in your biz!

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