The way you’re posting on social media isn’t helping – quick rehab tips

“Ok.. I’m TRYING so hard to get my message out, find clients and make some m$ney… and I’m posting on twitter and Facebook, and instagram and snapchat and… well anywhere else I can think of but… crickets. I got nothing. Ok I have a few likes, someone posted a bouncing happy face on one of them but that’s about it.

AND my launch is next week, AND I badly need to make more money this month but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen! This online stuff sucks and it doesn’t work!”

This is pretty much word for word what we hear from people who are just starting out and not seeing results.

There’s a lot I can pull from what they said, and I totally will in another post, but I’m going to hone in on the one thing I know they are doing but didn’t say…all their posts, all the stuff they did… I question how authentic the message was.

I don’t doubt that you, them, all of us, have great intentions when we post all over social media to find, attract and get new clients, but what I do doubt it how we’re going about it.

If you have zero track record of posting, or when you do, it’s usually of cute kitten videos, you have no history of HELPING people, serving and solving problems for people, then that’s an issue. If when you post it’s all about your next offer, your next sale, your next product, people see through that shit so quick it’s not funny. It’s not that you CAN’T post your big awesome thing, but it can’t be the ONLY thing you do.

Make sense?

help-serve-solve-1You have to build up your social media cred, and the only way is to HELP, SERVE, SOLVE repeatedly so people see you as the RESOURCE and the go to person for what you’re doing.

It sucks because I know you want and need money right now, but trust me when I tell you, if the only time you post is when you need or want something, you are going to really suffer in this business.


Try this instead:

I know you’re busy – we ALL ARE… but you know what the big players are doing in our industry? At least the players I know/like and trust? They take TIME to help people, every damn day. They comment on posts, they support, they offer advice, they interact and not just when they have a launch and offer a product or service for you to buy. And it doesn’t take a lot of time! I do this every day and it takes me about 15-20 minutes each morning to check my feed on Facebook, comment on some posts that I think I’m going to be helpful on, if I want to share a message on my wall or business page, I do that and then I get back to the work of the day building my business. I might check later in the day for another 20 minutes, maybe 30, and then right back at it!

It doesn’t have to be a time suck. What it does have to be is CONSISTENT. Something I work on daily, because well… I’m human and we all forget that it takes some time to see results.

If you started an online business for instant results, or if you watched some webinar that said you could just post your irresistible offer and the money would roll in… you’re not going to have a good time of it.

Enjoy the journey of helping others, because that is what all our businesses are about online, helping and serving and being experts in our fields.

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