I should have taken a picture (how not to do sales)

I should have taken a picture – and titled it “how not to do sales”. In the grocery store over the weekend. 

In the lobby of a very large grocery store are three kids selling Girl Guide Cookies with their moms. One mom is off to the side having a heated discussion on her phone, another was counting money, and the third mom was trying to help the three girls with the cookie sales and being pretty encouraging.

I didn’t have time to buy the cookies on my way in, so I decided I’d catch them on my way out to the car. What followed made me think about sales and how it applies to entrepreneurs.

So on my way out of the store I’ve got a 20 dollar bill in my hand, ready to buy a few boxes of cookies… but I never got the chance. The troop must have been wrapping up their sales for the day, because as I approached to buy my delectable treats (I always try and support if I can) the one woman who had been on her phone said, “Sorry we gotta go, the store says we have to leave by 1 and we still need to pack up, we’ll be back tomorrow at 10” and she turned her back on me.


I have money in hand and you are refusing a sale? I look at my watch… it’s 12:50pm. Ok, no problems lady – I smile at the kids and leave with no plans on coming back the next day!

If you’re too wrapped up in what you gotta do next in life or in your business, to see the potential of what’s right there in front of you, you’re going to miss an opportunity to close a sale.

It would have taken them about one hot minute or less to take my money and hand me a box of cookies or two, but instead, they turned away the sale.

I posted this in a few FB groups over the weekend and got a mixed bag of comments. Some were dismayed that the mother of one of the girls stopped the sale, and others thought no real opportunity was lost.

With a background in retail, my brain is configured to always be keyed into servicing the potential sale, and that’s what I would recommend you do too.

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