When we look back on everything we attempted to do, and the results of a business or marketing campaign launch, our thoughts often start with “perhaps”. And in most cases this happens when the results didn’t meet our expectations. We spend so time trying to figure out what the missing ingredient was that contributed to our underwhelming results. Was our timing off, was my product inferior, was my pricing wrong and how come their wasn’t more people buying in?

When things didn’t go how we hoped; we talk ourselves through it, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back to business. As we have all heard many times before, failing is sometimes part of the process. Some of the most successful people we know have failed many times before they succeeded in a big way. But doesn’t it seem backwards to invest so much time, energy and emotion on the back end of a process when in truth is it would have been better spent before the process began.

I have seen people succeed and fail many times over the past two decades. What I find strange is the absence of the “perhaps” phase of those who succeeded. Even worse still, the consistency and the duration of the “perhaps” phase for those who failed.

Perhaps we should we should go back to the beginning before the launch started.

The old saying, “Know Thyself” is probably one of the most important for us to know for our own personal growth and therefore our businesses too. There have been times when my own courage has got the best of me and I attempted to do something I was not prepared for, or capable of. I failed, and the lessons hit hard. Its difficult to find yourself not equal to the task, even harder to reconcile that you didn’t see it before you acted.

My successes have come from doing what I do best, and what I am passionate about. There is no coincidence that these two ideals are forged together. When I’m passionate about something, I’m driven. I can endure an insurmountable workload with crazy deadlines and still be looking for ways to improve so I can do more, and do it better. Whether people realize it or not, when you are most passionate about something, there is no amount of rejection that will fade your efforts. For those of us who have done sales, we know this is practically the law.

There’s a lot to gain by taking a personal inventory of yours talents, and find out what’s on the shelves before we try to sell something that might not be there. Perhaps we should do this before “the store” opens, or the launch begins.

I think this is a good place to stop and reflect for now. I’ve separated this blog in to three unique parts, which I will share with you over the next couple days.

I would be interested to know what kind of “perhaps” conversations you’ve had after a launch. Come and join the conversation in our Facebook Group M Community and share your experiences and views with us.

Take care