Perhaps… Part 3

It’s all right to accept that hindsight is 20/20 vision. But like I’ve been suggesting, using your investigation skills prior to a business or Marketing program launch would be a much better use of your time and a lot more proactive, if you deem yourself to be in the proactive category.

Perhaps we should have looked at the statistics.

Every time I’ve witnessed someone roll out a Marketing program online, I wonder how much time they spent understanding the numbers behind their strategy. Its great to have a marketing program in a format that is comfortable for you to execute and that has seemed to work for others. You hear stories of the big numbers people are getting, but unless those numbers are exactly your demographics, they mean very little. I have seen people acquire huge mailing lists from a list-building program that has basically created a needle in the haystack scenario for them in the next stage of their efforts.

There are online marketing programs that work, but you must know that every person that tries it will end up with a different result. And over a short period of time those results will diminish because of repetition in the open marketplace.

There are two simply rules that apply if you want huge success when doing online marketing:


If you are going to duplicate a marketing program that has had some success for others, you need to do it better than they have. You simply can’t repeat what has already been done, because you’ll risk becoming background noise.

Creating a marketing program that will suite your specific needs is where your time is best spent. This way you won’t need to waste your time rolling out a promotion that will be a complete write off and end up having a “perhaps” post-mortem conversation with yourself, and accepting another failure on your road to success.

When it comes to growing your business organically online, you can go crazy trying to figure it out. But the truth is you should be trying to knock on less virtual doors to connect with the clients you want.

Over this blog series I’ve discussed:

  1. Knowing yourself and doing what you are good at and passionate about.
  2. Getting the right coach that can help you the right ways in the areas you need
  3. Putting more thought into your business or marketing promotion launch.

Perhaps if we did these three things first we would have saved ourselves a lot of time and money and been more satisfied with our results.

In future, I will be blogging about a lot things you can do that will have a positive impact on your online business growth, I hope you will join me again.

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