Perhaps… Part 2

Some have reflected back on the coaching they paid for and when I’ve heard what they had to say, it only solidified what I originally said, “Perhaps before the launch”. We are all susceptible to advertising, that’s human nature and it’s not going away. Our instincts will always push us to find the latest and the best, and when we are presented with what seems to be the better way, our instincts and curiosity kicks in and we find ourselves within someone’s gravitational pull.

Most… NO, that’s not accurate… Almost everyone will reflect on the coaching they received and wonder why the very same method that made their coach so wealthy and popular didn’t create the same result for them. And the truth is simple, there were to many differences between your coach and yourself that it would have been a miracle to end up with the same result. This is simply a combination of unrealistic expectations and someone over promising and under delivering.

I’ve had unrealistic expectations, and just like everyone else, more often then not, I was left feeling disappointed with the outcomes. Of course we want to believe we that if we follow the “simple steps” it will lead to the same destination as the successful person showing you the way. We want to be pleasantly surprised when it works and almost dare to feel chosen by a higher power when it all comes together.

Even if you were identical in every way to the successful person coaching you, and in precisely the same business and did everything exactly the same way, your results would still not equal theirs because you didn’t do it first. The reality is you are a completely unique individual in completely different business, operating in a different time and space.

What makes us believe a complete stranger can show you how to make a six-figure income in the first year in their program? In almost every case, the only credibility the person has, is to show you what they have. They often boast about their millions and will show you a version of their lifestyle that would impress almost anyone.

I have seen sales pitches from coaches pleading you to let them show you the way, they want to help you and because they know you need it. But without any further evidence other then maybe a few success stories over the years, people have prepaid or made an annual financial commitment without even know what the plan is or if it will be the right fit for their business.

Perhaps we should have taken a closer look at whom we chose to coach us.

When I mentioned in Part 1 of these posts about taking a personal inventory of your talents. The information you gain is understanding the kind of coaching you NEED. Coaches and mentors are important and necessary. The Coach you choose should be able to help you in the areas you SPECIFICALLY NEED and it should be just as helpful to your business.

We have all had coaching at some point in our lives. Paid or not, we know when we are being helped and the results prove it. We should expect a little more upfront from coaches that “want to help us”. If someone gives me the first three things I can do to help my business, or myself, and they work, you can bet I’ll be willing to pay for the fourth and onward.

Tomorrow I will post the 3rd and final part of this blog and it outlines what entrepreneurs perhaps overlooked when trying to find their potential online clients.

I would be interested to know what kind of “perhaps” conversations you’ve had after your launch. Come and join the conversation in our Facebook Group M Community and share your experiences and views with us.

Take care

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