Perfection and the insidious launch date

😲“You’re going to need to move your launch date”
I’ve said this to clients about 6 times this week and it royally sucks every time I do. And I’m not mad about it, and I totally get it why it happened. But I also know how to possibly avoid it. So I hope this helps!
You spend months working on your launch (summit, course, whatever) and then as you get close you realize, oh crap… you have run out of the time to interview the experts, or write the copy…
(honestly you should be talking to Alyson Lex for all things copy related)
…and before you know it… it’s only a week before you’re supposed to hand everything over to me so I can build your beautiful thing and we are out of time. 🙁
So we adjust the time table, and we move the date, life goes on right? Totally does. And you want to do it right, not just half-assed… And even though you keep hearing “Perfection is the enemy of done” so is putting out a half baked, half done, poorly put together project.
And here’s the part that makes me wince 😖… I’ve done it. I’ve dropped the ball for myself, and was left feeling super crappy because I had to move dates or else feel worse for putting out something inferior.
👉Here’s 3 things to avoid the “oh hell, we’re moving the date” convo.
📆 Make a work back calendar before you begin figuring out your launch dates etc. Really lay it out. When is the copy due? When are the graphics due? Who’s booking the interviews or setting up your membership site? This is the FIRST thing I do with a new client.
Are you taking vacation RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF LAUNCH? (btw, don’t do this to me… I will look like this 😱
What’s a possible repercussion of not making a work back calendar? You’re wasting your money. If you’re spending hours on creating content, getting your new thing ready… and if you’re paying someone to help you this is doubly important… when you launch a half baked, half done course, or badly executed summit, you’re NOT going to get lucky and have it all go well, or get the size of list you wanted, or the sales you wanted… That DOESN’T happen!
📆 Give yourself a buffer. You are superwoman.. I know it and so do you sister… but we often (i.e. almost always) bite off more than we can chew because “WE CAN DO THIS” or some bs statement where we thing we gotta do it all and in less time to make ourselves feel good about it. Can we just stop that please?? Buffers are needed, you think writing copy for your sales page will take you an hour? Yeah… triple it m’k?

What could happen if you keep thinking you are superwoman and can do it all in zero time? You’re setting a precedent for yourself. We are totally creatures of habit, good habits, bad ones too… and if you set deadlines and don’t hit them, or create a subpar product, you will most certainly do this again and again… because you “got away” with it once (or so you might think)

Think you can get that opt in video in just a few takes? Lemme remind you that it can take you about 30-50 takes if you’re new at video to get that one take that will be ok
📆Don’t create in a bubble 😬 Ok this one makes me grin but it’s a “please talk to me so I know what’s going on omg, grin” because either you’ve hired us (and we love you for it) to do your awesome thing… or you have hired someone else and if you’re in a bubble, doing your thing and not sharing that even though you said SURE to having your copy written in a week, that life happened and you didn’t get it done… you’re having a massive effect on the person you’ve hired.

What could happen if you don’t share your struggling and insist on putting out a product that could be better? You’re screwing with your reputation. You might be new online, or established, but whatever your status, if someone perceives that your products or services are not fully baked, were done shoddily, it WILL IMPACT your reputation. People will notice… Trust me THEY ALWAYS notice!

You’re affecting the dates, the launch… everything. So talk to your person, don’t make them have to give you the bad news that your date has to be moved.
Who agrees? Who thinks I’m off base? Let me know in the comments.
(And if you’ve had personal experience with what I’m talking about… share what you learned!)

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