Optimizing your Personal Ram

A few days ago posted a poll in our Facebook Community – M Community  group and the results showed that 75% of respondents have Time & Productivity challenges and concerns.

I want to share with you one small technique I use to help with productivity, and it’s simple and works very quickly. The first time I tried it I was shocked how much my stress levels came down. I can’t take credit for it. It’s actually a method I found when I read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our minds operate like computers in many ways (go figure, we designed them like that). In this one particular way, it is very similar. Does anyone remember what RAM memory is? It’s the memory your computer uses to run all your programs and apps and all the processes involved to do what you ask it to do. RAM means RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY. We sorta operate the same way, we have a certain amount of memory and brain power to do our day to day tasks, jobs or run our businesses.

What happens when your computer has to many apps open?

It slows down and sometimes things just shut down, or files can’t load or images can’t process because we have hit the limit of the system.

We sometimes do this to ourselves and we don’t even see it coming.

We put ourselves in a situation to do to many things at the same time.

Also another couple of interesting things your computers handle are called IRQ’s and Cookies. IRQ’s are Interrupt Requests these are tasks that are handled in the background and must be handled at the same time a everything else. As for Cookies.. these little nasties are small bits of program that websites leave behind to make your computer report information involuntarily.

Now you would think with all this going on, how does your computer still handle it. Well the truth is, just like us it can only do it as long as it stays within it system limits.

Our brains have limits, maybe some have bigger limits than others, but there is limit none the less.

So, apart from that obvious mistake we humans make, trying to do to many things at the same time (like running to many apps on our computers).

Did you feel like you have to many little thing to do too!!!

Did you every notice that several times a day for one reason or another they pop into your head, like “don’t forget to pick up milk”, “remember to pay that bill” “don’t forget to call so and so”, You need to follow up on this or that. Guess what those are your IRQ’s and your Cookies.

Believe it or not it happens to everyone several thousand times a day. We think thats normal, because it is.. FOR NOW.

If you took a little time one night before you go to sleep, right down every little task you need to take care of thats on your mental task list.. Let your mind relax and be a little flexible and they will keep popping up and you keep writing them down. Until you can’t think of anymore.

Just by transferring those tasks onto paper or your phone, you have transferred that responsibility to THE LIST. And your mind doesn’t have to remind you thousands of times per day. Now your minds says quietly “Check the list” a few times a day.

Every time you have a new small task, add it to the list… Don’t expect your mind to be able to release the entire list when you ask it to. This process could take a few days. But ill bet you’ll sleep a lot better every night.

Refer to the list every time you have a few minutes of free time and prioritize, then complete a few tasks off the list. Within a couple weeks you might notice that you don’t have as many small things to worry about.. No pop-ups distracting you while you’re trying to get everything else done.

This is one sure fire way to improve how many apps your mind can run and how focused you can be in order to process the important things you are working on. And hopefully you can personally avoid your fans coming on and visions of spinning hour glasses and rainbow circles of death too.

Hope this helps!

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  1. To Task List is a good way to transfer the responsibility. I also think of taking the emotion out of the task. I tend to spend a lot of energy procrastinating and when I catch myself doing this I recognize the energy drain and try to complete the task and remove the negative energy factor.

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