Linear Social Media Marketing Theory

Yes you read that correctly, and I’m not ashamed I totally nerded out on the title.

I’m going to try to make it super easy for you to understand how the efforts you’re putting into growing your business using social media are being perceived online, on a visual level.

Lets face it; half of us need visuals and the rest of us like them. So let’s do this.

When you first start out trying to build a following through social media, it’s a really slow start and for obvious reasons. Nobody knows who you are or what you’re about. So you put your first blog out there and a hand full of people view it, maybe even like it.

And at first you think… Wow I just put something online, and people LIKED it. What a rush, am I right? So you do it a few more times and guess what, a few people liked those too. But that rush you felt before; well it’s not a rush anymore. You feel like your getting mildly acknowledged.

Now you’re thinking, why the hell am I spending an hour on a blog or posting cool information I have put together and at the end of the day I’m not getting hoards of people reading and liking my work?

This is when you most people quit. They walk away frustrated thinking nobody liked what they had to say. So they just shut up.

I’m going to tell you a ridiculous example of what that would look like in real life. Here we go…

Visualize that you’re out on the ocean for a nice afternoon sail with the wind in your hair perhaps a nice glass of wine, and you watch the sun set over the water. Lovely right? Ok, genius, it’s now pitch black out and you need to make it back to shore. Lucky for you the lighthouse is right on the pier where you need to bring your boat in, so you just look for those flashes of light and you can basically following it all the way in. Ah isn’t technology great! OH WAIT, I forgot to tell you, the guy operating the light is a QUITTER. Yup, he flashed the light 5 times nobody came in; so he shut it off.

So now you have no way to get to that shore, but you look a ways away and see another lighthouse. This one operated by someone who isn’t a quitter and keeps flashing that light no matter what…. You see where we’re going with this?

You have to perceive you efforts as a beacon. And you have to be consistent. The whole Internet doesn’t get to see your first 5 masterpieces, makes a decision that it’s no good and basically hands you the verdict by being silent. Only a few saw it, and the reason why? They were really close by when you posted them.

myblog-on-laptopSo here’s the visual part. When you post anything imagine it like it’s a 2 dimensional square. And its size is determined by the number of people that view, read or click on it.

To you, your 3 or 4 posts look like an entire world of information, to everyone else, not so much.

Now take your cute little square and compare it to everything else that exists on the internet, or maybe just the stuff within your niche. There’s the reality of it, it just doesn’t stand out yet. Either the square is so small that people just can’t quite figure out how to find you or there just aren’t enough squares.linear-pic2

If you keep writing and posting and building your content library, people will find you. Those squares add up to create a destination people will be able to find, and the foundation for your success. The great part is as more people see your work they can view all your previous work, and that can add to the total amount of views for each square, and therefore bigger squares.linear-pic-3

Take a look at your social media posts, and blogs library. Maybe even look at someone else’s; maybe of people who have been successful and try this visualization when you do, you’ll get the picture.

Oh and by the way, DON’T QUIT.


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