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  • To ditch the hand-written to-do lists and go paperless with ease?
  • To gather everything you need to get be more productive in one spot, in a way that’s easy to find later when you need it?
  • To store documents and notes that stay up to date and that you can access on your laptop, tablet and mobile with ease?
  • To learn how to be next-level organized and ultra-productive?

Evernote is a powerful tool for organizing your tasks, whether is a list of things you need to do today, or projects you need to complete over the months to come. It’s also designed to be collaborative, and in real time, so create your tasks, take notes, add tags, pictures, links to files, and then share with your assistant, your biz partner or friend without skipping a beat!

Using Evernote will radically change how you stay and keep organized in your business.

Join this webinar and learn how to use Evernote Tuesday February 23rd, 6pm PST, 9pm EST