Doing the Right Thing over Doing something Right

“Doing the right thing instead of doing something right”, is something I tell clients all the time.

In this case I’m saying about social media. At this stage of the game almost everyone who has an online business has their social media set up as well. The problem is, people still don’t know the best way to get gains from social media for THEIR SPECIFIC business.

There are no one size fits all social media marketing programs, and there are no secrets either. So often when people are asked about what their goal is with social media, the answer is generally the same. “Drive more business to my website” or “awareness”. Those are great answers but are also too “Big Picture” or vague.

We need to focus a lot on every step of the stairwell instead of looking at the next floor up.

Think about what your social media apps do as tools. Lets look at Twitter.

In Twitter you can post 140 characters with a picture or video, plus you can have call to action buttons. You can insert a link to take the viewer wherever you wish. Sounds more like a transporter, taking you from one place to the other.

So think about Twitter as a transportation system.

What are the key things that would make you want to take the bus somewhere?

  • For me the bus route or stop would have to be close by.
  • The bus would have to be at the right time or running on schedule.
  • It would also have to be neat, clean, and most of all comfortable.

Do your Tweets have all these characteristics, because they should!

When referring to the bus route or stop being close by, this means the subject matter or hash tags should be in very close proximity to the people who are interested in your topic or business.

When referring to running on time and on schedule think about this… There are over 200 million users on twitter, and people follow a lot of other people, (not saying it’s right, but they do) so your Tweet needs to show up at the right time of day if not many times a day. Because people don’t look at their twitter every time they get a tweet. They check them every few hours, and if you are 1 of the 100’s of people they are following, your tweet is not at the top of their page, its more likely at the bottom of all the other unseen tweets. That’s why you need to post multiple times a day, just as the bus comes by every half hour. So when the person is ready to look at Tweets, you’ll be ready to transport them to your desired destination.

My last point about being comfortable is more important than you think. The quality of your posts will decide which social media vehicle your viewer decides to ride.

People don’t click on every link they see just because it’s there. Those days of being curious about where a post link takes you are over.

People are choosey, and they don’t have time to waste.

Be to the point and very clear in your Tweets.

Don’t mislead or use the shock factor; people don’t like being tricked.

Be authentic in what you say and where you are taking them. That earns trust, and in the online business world, trust is an invaluable commodity.

There is much more to say about social media and how to use it as a tool to take your ideal client to your site, your product or service.

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