I train clients on how to list build, using a bunch of ways but mostly SUMMITS, which right now has started to feel like a dirty word because of how summits are being put on.

I’ve project managed almost 100 summits for clients. I love them – when they are done with authenticity.

I read a great post the other day in a Facebook group about someone being asked her list size and how it felt like being excluded for not having the minimum requirement of a list size for that summit. It feels like so insulting to be asked to speak, to then be turned away because you don’t fit the minimum number? I call it EMAIL LIST SHAME and it makes me so angry.

If you don’t know what all the hype is about…. summits are online events, with guest experts invited to be on them and provide an interview to the host. The goal being about 21 experts who will all do an interview, then during a promotional period, will promote the summit to their email lists, FB/twitter etc.

Here’s the big nasty part. The part I swear I’m going to break a tooth over from clenching my jaw…

Summits are for sure list builds, and it’s a numbers game: the bigger the list size of the experts, the bigger potential list build for the host. MAKES SENSE. But what feels like a shot in the gut is being judged on your list size.

list build webinar banner whiteI am ALWAYS telling my clients that they need to have value on their summit, not list size. Someone with a “small” list could bring so much value and great content to your summit, while someone with your required list size might not only be a drip on the interview, but their “big” list you were so worried about might be unresponsive. And your numbers game just went out the window.

10,000 person list with 10% open rate means only 1,000 peeps see their emails.

3,000 email list with a 40% open rate means 1200 people are seeing the emails. Which would you rather have on your summit?

This “what is your list size” conversation has to change. And until now I’ve been sorta quiet about it, being respectful of what the client wants and sharing my opinion only when asked, but I’m finding my voice on this topic.

List building is my bread and butter, but it can be done authentically, with integrity and respect.

I’m going to be sharing how to grow your list authentically on a webinar coming up – Join it here!

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