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You did it, you’re an entrepreneur! You’ve got (or your working on) getting all your ducks in a row to hang your shingle on the internet for your online business. 

You’ve got something amazing to offer and now you need your ideal potential clients so hear about you and what you do so you can have the success online you crave. 

If only it was that easy. The big problem you have now is getting in front of your ideal client, which you could do with really targeted Facebook ads, or Google Adsense… if you had the budget, and the knowhow (and the algorithms for what works keeps changing, how does anyone keep up!?)

So what do you do if you can’t afford pricey ads, and you’re getting zero traction?  Do you give up?   

The answer is no, you get busy marketing yourself just like the rest of do. Unless you have a video or a post that goes viral on social media, you will be spending a great deal of time and effort as a entrepreneur simply marketing your businesses brand. 

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly hustling, posting on social media all day, creating content and hoping we get enough momentum just from that to create some buzz. And what is of often overlooked is public speaking. Not on stages (although you can work your way towards that for sure) but on online or virtual events such as summits, podcasts and webinars. Events where you’re the “expert” sharing your view and expertise in your niche to a host and their eager audiences. 

Speaking on Online Events can be a Game Changer

When you use online speaking to grow your brand and business you are:

    Positioning yourself as an expert in your niche

    Getting eyeballs on your brand and business by way of a free lead magnet you share as a guest

    Creating buzz about who you are and what you do

    Creating opportunities for your ideal client to find you more easily and contact you

    Creating content that can be repurposed and shared over time

    Opening yourself up to bigger and better speaking opportunities!

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