We all want to be a HERO some times in our lives. I’ve been told occasionally I have a Deadpool style sense of humor, but that’s a quite a bit off topic. So let me explain how being a HERO on your social media efforts can help your business a lot.

Maximum effort…….

No surprise, H.E.R.O. is an acronym and it’s so simple. You have heard some of these points so many times that you might roll your eyes. But my hope for you is that you will get a HERO complex and this advice with stick with you.


If there is one thing you should be with your social media marketing. Be helpful. Remember in most cases your product or service solves a problem. You need to make sure that you are helpful with it. Blog about it, tell a story. Post a question about the problem and when people engage, show them the solution. HELP!


If there is one thing we all know about marketing, it does need to be entertaining. It for sure should not be boring. People tune out uninspired posts and boring blogs. And don’t even get on video and freeze up! Have a plan. Have something exciting to say. Yes the E could also stand for exciting


I’ve seen this one go wrong many times. If you’re getting engagement from any of your social media you need be responsive. Answer questions, thank people and create a conversation. Even try to bring more people into the conversation. Any time a public figure or company responds to social media it means so much to the followers and readers. And it builds a ton of credibility.

OVER deliver

You should over deliver in your marketing efforts. I often tell clients whatever your ideas are you need to optimize them. Meaning that your information needs to be awesome, not something people would rather Google than here it from you. Your imagery should be as good as you can make it. And most importantly, the quantity of value you give people in you social media marketing has to be better.

It’s that simple. You know its true. If you reviewed any successes you’ve had with social media marketing you’d soon realize that one or all of these things were in play. So why not be a HERO and DO IT ALL!!!

What are you doing in your content marketing to be a HERO?

Maybe you are doing the H or the R of HERO?

Comment below and share what you’re doing in your content marketing and if you feel compelled, please share with others!

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