An ARRAY of Thoughts

Before I get started, if you asked me if I would do a blog like this a month ago, I would have told you you’re crazy. And to be very clear, I am not a client of Ray Higdon. But for the sake of getting good information to the people that follow me or within our Facebook group M Community I feel this is something you all need to hear.

My focus as an entrepreneur is on building out the structure and technical pieces that my clients need in order to start or improve their online businesses. I consult on business concepts, marketing strategy, revenue plans and I create graphics as well. I have been the marketing strategist and back end support for a few people who are clients of Ray’s and so his methods as a coach have peaked my curiosity.

I have for some time whined and complained about watching coaching webinars online; about how much fluff there was, how long I waited before any helpful information was given, and how much of the time was wasted on a very long winded (I’m never getting that time back) pitch. It’s something that really drives me crazy and it feels very inauthentic.

Onwards with my array of thoughts. I was about to drive to an appointment this morning and just checked Facebook to see what was going on. I noticed that for the 4th day in a row, Ray was doing another Facebook live, this one was called “Free Coaching Friday”. I’ve never seen or heard of one before. So I listened to it because I need to keep my eye on the road.

I know that Ray is highly respected by his clients, and even though I’m not one of them, I certainly am a fan.

In the span of 20 minutes I heard 3 solid marketing techniques that likely could be adapted for any type of online business. I know Ray’s focus is more geared to Network marketing and team building types businesses, however the information was completely adaptable to many others.

I was shocked at the fact that this Facebook Live was 95% HELPFUL CONTENT.

People on who were on their live with Ray had questions that normally could not be asked unless you were a client, and no, that didn’t stop Ray from answering. What caught my attention was that he has a very relaxed tone, it’s not like he is trying to hit a word quota. The one thing I can’t stand is people who believe they will be perceived more intelligent if they respond at a blinding speed. That’s not what happened. It was relaxed and most importantly it was AUTHENTIC.

I know this sounds like a one man cheering squad, it isn’t. I don’t know Ray personally. He definitely doesn’t know I exist (maybe now he does). This simply is me letting you ALL know there is someone out there giving very valuable information that can help your business, FOR FREE. Now I understand why the clients I have that work with Ray are amongst the most confident and successful. I think Ray Higdon is a big part of the equation.

Here’s the links I have for RAY. Website and Facebook page.

I’m declaring I’m not an affiliate; just a fan and I respect what he is doing enough to blog about it and endorse it in the way that I could.

What do you think about creating authentic and helpful content? Have you made the fluff/long pitch mistake before in your videos or webinars? Share below or let us know in our Facebook group M Community


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