9 ways repurposing your content can make you money

Have you been on the content creation train now for a while? Writing blogs, creating lead magnets, webinars, ebooks, videos, maybe even a summit? SO. MUCH. FREE. CONTENT!

But where is the money at?

Also why would you want to repurpose what you’ve got… well that’s simple.

For one, not everyone has seen all your great stuff. That ebook you created a few years back hasn’t seen the light of day in some time. You might just need to dust it off and change out some of the info and there you go, a new improved piece of content you can sell and make some money off it.

Another reason is you want to get people to start getting into the habit of buying some of your stuff, even for a small amount. You create it, they buy and you deliver – you’re building up trust with them and they begin to see that if they buy something from you, you OVER deliver on great content and provide VALUE.

Make sense?

I’m going to share 9 ways you can repurpose all that free content to help make you some money! (And possibly some new clients!)

1. Repackage some of your freebies together for a low end
Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale product

You can pull together one of your ebooks, paired with a video you did, and perhaps a free 20 minute call to create a package product to sell. You can create a down and dirty sales page (it would help to have some visuals of what you’re selling but it’s NOT totally necessary) and a delivery page. Once they buy through Paypal, have them added to your email list and get an auto responder with a link to the fulfillment/delivery page. Presto, a great little product for about $20-60 bucks

2. Create an ebook from your most high-performing blogs

Make a cover using CANVA (or use a designer), make sure you get some copyright language in the opening pages so you are protected, and a table of contents of each new “chapter”. Put in a bio and your picture plus multiple ways to get in touch with you and a CTA to one of your free lead magnets so you can capture their email and sell that for $5.00 on Amazon.com

3. Create a training product from your webinars!

Remember those free webinars you did that were soooo good? Well not everyone can attend your webinars and I’m going to guess your list has grown a bit since you might have shared them so you have a whole audience who never saw them. You can load those webinars to YouTube as unlisted videos, create a sales page that offers the recordings as a “course” and sell them. I suggest a minimum of 3-4 webinars for something like this and you can add as many “trainings” for the “course” as you want, the price will only go up the more you add more content.

4. Expert advice ebooks from your summit interviews!

That summit-teleseminar you did is GOLD! You can get transcriptions of the interviews online by various services (Google transcription, or check out fiverr or other sites) and then put those transcriptions together into an expert advice ebook you can sell. If you want to (but you don’t have to), you contact the experts you’re going to use in the ebook and ask them to provide a short intro to their “chapter”. And here’s a great thing… you can ask them to SHARE that they are being published in this ebook with their audience! Some might want a cut of the proceeds so be aware of that possibility. You should own the rights to those interviews (your experts should have signed an agreement saying you do) so as long as you don’t sell that sort of ebook on Amazon but do it just from your site you should not have any issues.

5. Repost your most popular blogs – with a twist

Using your analytics, find out which blogs were high performers, and copy them in your back office into a new post. Don’t take last weeks blog… take something older. In the new version, add in a FB live video you did, or a link to some resource you’ve created and a CTA to get on a call with you. Re-release this new blog with the new info, blast it on social and when you get people booking calls with you, help/serve/solve their issues and then ask permission to share your product or service with them. Most people will ask YOU and you won’t have to ask them, but have your gentle pitch in your back pocket.

6. Take popular blogs and Facebook live them with a CTA

Some people will just NEVER visit your blog no matter how good you are. But a lot will tune into a Facebook live if they like what the title tells them it’s about. See how I said “if they like what the title TELLS them it’s about”? Video titles are everything on Facebook live, so make sure your video title is killer. Then you talk about the content that was in the blog, adding in some fresh tidbits as you go. You can CTA to the older blog in the comments if you want but I would also make sure you CTA to a complimentary low end product/service or a call with you to help/serve/solve their issues and triage them into working with you.

7. Take the slides from a popular webinar you did = create a handy dandy guide

The webinar you did on marketing, or healthy eating… if you had a slide deck you can take the deck, add in a CTA slide to a free offer, paid offer or call with you, Save as a PDF and either give it away for free on social media or create it as a very low end paid product you’re selling as a guide book/reference book.

8. Create a training course on Udemy or Teachable with your blogs

If you have lots of blogs that are about a similar topic, you can easily convert those into a course. Paste each blog post into a word doc, brand it with your logo, some copyright language in the footer, save as PDF’s and load to your favourite course teaching site like Udemy or Teachable. You’ll need to make an intro video for the product but the content will all be done!

9. Write case studies from notes you’ve made over the years

So you started your business at some point and if you took notes on how it went or can find screenshots of your Google Analytics you can create a case study using your own experience. You could also take client info (removing their name and identifying info) and make case studies using those too. People LOVE case studies, it shows them how to get from point A to point B in whatever niche you’re in. Package those up and sell them, add in maybe a video you did or create one and that will add to the value of this new product. Sell it to your list.

What’s awesome about repurposing your content is you can keep doing this over and over and over. The benefit is that as you grow your business and write more blogs, do more webinars and create more content, the repurposing train just keeps going and picking up speed. Before you know it you have a great line up of possible products, you have calls on the books with potential clients and residual income you can begin to count on.

Find this helpful? I’d love if you’d leave a comment to let me know and consider sharing this post!

Have questions about repurposing what your content? email me at info@managemeant.ca 

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      We’re so glad it’s given you a bit of a push and motivated you! You have tons of content I’m sure to repurpose 🙂 Thanks Trilby!

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      If this post inspires any action I’m glad Carla! Don’t get paralysis from the mountains of content either – that can happen. Just decide that you will bundle 10 blogs or something and do it. Tackle one repurpose at a time as you go! Good luck – let me know how it goes 🙂 – Jennie

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