5 Ways to wake up your following

Do you ever get the feeling that your email list and the people following you have lost interest?

In spite of your best efforts and your dedication to consistently give them valuable information, your posts go un-liked, un-shared and un-loved. You’re not alone; I’ve seen this happen a lot. The good news is its not so much you, as it is your audience and human nature.

First of all you need to reflect back and look at the age of your list or how long people have been following you. You see, the honeymoon period might be over and the novelty may have worn off. That’s the human nature aspect of it. You can admit it, you do the same thing, we all get a little bored or lax. Maybe at first being responsive to emails and posts was because everything was fresh and new, and you were excited about what you were getting from the person you were following. But once you understood their message, interacting with posts or responding to emails seemed more like a chore. It’s not that you didn’t like what they had to say; you just don’t feel like you need to be responsive. And your attention might be on another source of content that you are excited about.

Second of all, you need to look at the numbers. You started growing an email list or a Facebook group and, like anything else, when you start the growth is rapid by percentage. You have your first 100 new people and they are all excited and responsive. You get your next 400 people and you’ve grown 5 times the size. And the interactions also have spiked to 5 times what they were. Well now the clock starts to tick just as the inertia starts to slow. The next 500 score you 100% growth, then next 500 get you 50% growth. When your list is a 5000, 500 new members will only represent 10% growth. And so your interactions follow the same pace. All the while your list is aging, so the early followers begin to quiet. And that will move through your list of followers every month and every year.

The bad news is, you may have people in email list purgatory. The main purpose of having that email list or following is to get them to take action, whether it’s as simple as being responsive or making a purchase from you business. What you’re doing needs to be geared that way.

So what do you do about it?

It’s starting to feel embarrassing when you post and nobody says a peep except your closest friends.

If you have people following you and getting your content for 2 years and they aren’t doing anything that would indicate interest in what you say or have to offer, there are a few things you can do.

  1. SURVEY – Create questions that will provoke an action. Show them you want to hear what they have to say. Let them help you. In Facebook for instance, do a poll. Take a break from spreading the word and get some answers. You just might find valuable information while sparking some responsiveness.
  1. LAUNCH SOMETHING – If your not launching something new like a program, book or product, then it will look like your creative factory is closed. And therefore your content will start to look like theory instead of valuable information people want and need.
  2. PERSONLIZE – I don’t just mean put their name at the top of the email, I mean reach out and interact one on one. You may think that it’s a big time-suck, but the results are valuable. Don’t you think is nice when someone takes the time to talk to you personally? Make sure when you reach out, that they know it’s personal. Look at their social media; maybe ask a question about something you see that is common ground for both of you.
  3. SEGMENT BY “SINCE” AGE – If you can do this, it can open up a few more strategies. A “since” age if a parameter of time since those people joined your email list. A message detailed to those following you for 2 or more years for example can grab attention, because they know your paying attention and appreciating how long they have followed you. Sort of like an anniversary. You can try to prompt an action differently from people who have seen 2 years of your content compared to those who have only seen 3 months.
  4. PURGE – This one is the big nasty. It’s mainly for social media groups. I know there are a lot of people that would disagree because their vanity numbers mean too much to them. But there are people that stay in your group that have no intention of interacting on any level, some may even be your competition and are getting as much content as they can. Some might be in your group to get your people into theirs. Either way, vanity numbers will not make up for any of that. If people are following you or in your group, it’s an honour to you and a privilege to them. The people that you want to belong are the only ones who should be there. Make no mistake. Even crickets can deafen a crowd. Don’t pander to the silent unappreciative crowd; they aren’t your people.

Doing nothing about the silence will only make it continue. Sometimes focusing on the audience you have instead of the audience you want to have can be more valuable. After all, you want people who VALUE YOU, those are the people who will rave about you. Those are your people and they have friends who are your people too.

So before you decide to pivot your entire business model, try some of my suggestions and you can create some noise with you dedicated following you have.

Did this hit a chord with you? What is your strategy to wake up your followers and get them interested in your content?

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