5 rules to being a valuable guest speaker

Guest speaking is a fabulous way to get exposure for you and your business. We’ve project managed almost 130 summits, over 70 webinars, and many podcasts. This means we’ve helped over 2600 speakers get gigs over the past 4 years, and we’ve compiled a list of what will make YOU stand out as a great speaker that people will WANT on their events.

1. Only speak about what you confidently know and NEVER speak outside your skillset.

When you first start out, you’re only going to be able to speak about a handful of things with clarity, confidence and authority. When I began speaking, I was only able to talk about some really niched in aspects of marketing and list building. As my skillset has grown, I have expanded my repertoire of subjects that I can talk about with authority which allows me to be on more diverse podcasts, summits and webinars.

The first thing to do is write a list of what you can talk about right now, easily, for at least 40 minutes without running out of valuable content to share. Be super honest with yourself and unless you’re a master of it, don’t talk about it. You actually cause yourself and the listeners a huge disservice when you speak outside your realm; you will lose credibility and listeners will tune you out.

2. Don’t overbook speaking gigs – or burn your list!

Has this happened? You get 4 inquiries to do summits or podcasts, each one wants you to promote to your list and social media, and all 4 events are taking place within a 5 week period? Did you have that moment of … “Shit! Will this burn my list?” Yep… it totally will. Let me tell you that if you’re promoting other people’s events to your list once or more than once a week, your list will start to see it as white noise and either tune you out or unsubscribe completely.

You should not promote more than 1-2 events/promotions a month to your list. This, by the way, is just good sense. In your efforts to get your name out there, don’t let your desire to be known outway what is good for the healthy of your list.

3. Be OVERLY organized and easy to work with and you’ll get invited to speak over and over!

Prepare Prepare… and again prepare. Experts who have all their ducks in a row when it comes to speaking are asked back over and over and over! Trust me that when I work with a speaker that is READY, has all their shit together, I often recommend them to other clients because their level of organization means it’s EASY to work with them. I’m going to go into more details about how to be prepared in a little free gift I’m working on for you called “Valuable Speaker Template”

What does being prepared mean? 

There’s a lot to consider when wanting to be prepared, some of it is just common sense and some you learn from experience. Things like a speaker page, your bio, headshots (and how to take them!), how to set up your “studio” for video interviews, what microphone to use… what to say, what to offer, how to thank your host… you get the idea. There’s so much here that we are preparing a special freebie for you (opt in on the bottom of this post!)

4. Make your online speaking gigs part of your content marketing strategy

Make online speaking gigs part of your marketing strategy. Period. End of. It’s simply one of the best ways to get the word out about you and your business. Infuse online speaking  into your content/social media marketing schedule so you don’t make the mistake of doing various promotions on top of each other and causing confusion or duplication in your marketing. This also prevents the impact of the speaking event being diluted by your own marketing.

See how that works?

You should plan at least one gig per month, and if you don’t have any launches going on or it’s a slow time, you can squeeze in 2 a month BUT NO MORE than 2 or you can go read my second point about burning your list.

5. Make sure you’re consistent in your messaging!

Are you a love coach? Maybe a sex coach… and your whole list is made up of people who want to hear about love and sex right? Then what the %$#! are you doing on a business summit? I get it, you built your business, but if you mail your list that ONLY wants to hear about relationships, love and sex about a business summit… they will seriously tilt their head at you and rage-unsubscribe from your list. Don’t do it! It always backfires on you and the host of the event is left wondering why your big beautiful list hated her subject matter.


There’s more posts coming about this topic, it’s so big, but in the meantime, sign up to get our “Valuable Speaker Template” that we are going to release on Monday 26th of September, 2016. We’re giving you the list of what you NEED to do to be a VALUABLE GUEST SPEAKER (even if you’ve done this before, compare you plan to ours).

If you want to get the “Valuable Speaker Template”, CLICK HERE, enter your name and email and we will send it to you right away.

I also wanted to make sure I shared a very special training with you – “Become a Valuable Online Guest Speaker” This training is the ultimate training on being a online speaker. We’re covering all aspects of what it takes so you can be in high demand and grow your reach online!

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