4 Ways to grow your list authentically and get recognized in your niche

Summits are dead, webinars are fluff and Facebook challenges are so spring 2016.


Really…. is that so? I will agree that the old model of summits – 21 days, 21 experts, 40 minute interviews with a boring opt in page is filled with so much monotony I absolutely refuse to do them. And it’s totally true that for a large majority, webinars seem to be the stuff of fluff – a place to hint at what you’re going to talk about but you only get to after 30 minutes of grandstanding and shameless self promotion are over (yeah I said it). Oh and Facebook challenges ARE so passé, because the formula has worn thin and no one wants to participate anymore.

What does work? How will you grow your list? Gain notoriety and build a following of peeps who will actually click and open your emails when you send?



 I think I should get that tattooed on my arm I speak about this so much! Online marketing is seeing a downtick in some areas for a reason. The summits people used to do 4 years ago could net 5 thousand new names on your list with an ugly opt in page and a less than awesome 40 minute interview. I kid you not, I saw it happen.

There are still coaches who push the SAME SUMMIT structure that was taught 4 or 5 years ago and they wonder why it’s not working. I will tell you why, but you already know the answer.

We are fickle, we tune out things that become monotonous and we hear white noise instead of content when the same thing is said over and over.

Why do you think we’re always looking to buy the next new iPhone, the next new software… the next new anything? We are attracted to innovation and change. We adore learning and being impressed on the regular by something different. We cannot stand hearing or seeing the same darn thing over and over.

So why do the same thing over and over in your online marketing and expect people to keep clamoring for your stuff?

I’m here to break the bubble and if you can’t innovate (or work with someone who innovates marketing strategies for a living… ahem.. moi 😎) then you are in a sad state my friend and about to hit the wall with your growth.

Do the same thing over and over and you will watch your list growth, your profits and your influence drop like a rock.

So you need to INNOVATE. How? You mix it up. You take the boring 21 day summit and you flip it on it’s head and freshen it up. You do 12 days instead of 21, you pop in some amazing new content ideas like live Q&A’s, you create engagement in our emails and then you create MULTIPLE TOUCH POINTS so people can connect directly with you.

With Authentic marketing there is no person behind the curtain working the machine, the darn machine is in the middle of the room and you should be standing next to it, ready to welcome ANYONE who wants to waltz over and start talking to you.

In any given week I have about 10-20 conversations with strangers, people who either booked a call with me to talk about list building and marketing strategy, or people who emailed me. I make myself available to anyone who wants my time, because I enjoy sharing, and helping. I will NEVER stand behind any curtain, away from the people I serve, putting on an act or show. I’m with you, in the trenches, holding your hand and leading you, or kicking your butt and pushing you up the hill I know you need to climb.

OVER DELIVER on VALUE. You think you give away too much free stuff? Nope, sorry, you don’t. You’re actually not giving enough away. Look at the big coaches, at least the ones that are authentic, they give a ton of stuff away, and they over deliver DAILY to impress the socks off you so you will be like, “MY GOD, if this is how they treat the regular Joe, they must treat their clients like GOLD”.

And let me tell you, I’ve been watching a few coaches VERY CLOSELY and the ones who are over delivering, who show up and provide great content regularly, (some even daily) are the ones who are killing it in this new online world.

What’s next? I already mentioned it but it’s CONTENT. SO MUCH CONTENT YOU’RE SWIMMING IN IT.

Yes, hate me all you want but it’s true. Think of it this way, if you were to write one thing, one blog… one Facebook live here or there…. it’s easy to miss what you’ve got to say. But if you were to share something almost daily, if your name became synonymous with awesome and effective content… people start the head nod when they read or watch your stuff. You know what I’m talking about… that slow nod like “yeah…. I get what she’s saying… that’s so true”

If writing is your thing, write A LOT. I love to write and I let myself get rusty and lost interest. NOW I’m writing or blogging more, I’m even doing Facebook live (did one last week that has over 160 views so far… not bad! You can check it out here if you want to). Do videos, do blogs, share share and keep sharing!

Ok the last one on my list is SERVE. And I don’t mean serve like you’re at someone’s beck and call, or that you’re obliged to help someone to the ends of the earth. I also don’t mean to serve and expect a tip in return. Here’s what I mean. Help people; for me it’s free calls, I love to connect and I’m good on the phone, so I give away my time each week to talk to new people. I have 5 calls booked so far this week and probably will fit in a few more. That’s normal for me.

Don’t expect anything in return for your service. I had a call with an entrepreneur last week that was really great. I enjoyed the chat, I shared my thoughts on her website and Facebook page and in return she offered (unsolicited) to do a video testimonial in our group. I was super happy about the offer and thanked her. For whatever reason, that person forgot to do the testimonial and I’m not mad or upset, I didn’t kick her from the group because I had no expectations. I gave my help freely and without expectations so I can’t be disappointed!

And here’s another offer of service without expectations. I have decided I’m really overdue to do a webinar for everyone, since my last one was several months ago… so I’m going to be hosting a webinar called “Become a Valued Guest Speaker: Be in High Demand To Get More Leads, Close More Sales, and Become a Celebrity in Your Niche”

I’d love if you’d join me – it’s next week Tuesday October 18th 8pm EST if you can’t make it, sign up, I will send you a replay).

Here’s the link to get a spot: http://www.managemeant.ca/spk-webinar

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